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Topics of trainings
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Topics of trainings


  • Strategy development
  • Balanced Scorecard System
  • Conducting a strategy session
  • Company diagnostics


  • Personal Performance Management
  • What should a manager do every day?
  • Leadership in Practice
  • Personnel motivation
  • Effective recruitment
  • HR strategy development
  • Managing changes
  • Task Management
  • Preparation of internal trainers (TOT)

Process & Project management

  • Quality Management
  • How to make regulations work?
  • Lean Production and Six Sigma Training
  • Kaizen training
  • Project management
  • Agile - a new approach to project management

Sales & service

  • Distribution management
  • High-quality customer service in the operating room
  • Queue management
  • Enhancing personal selling skills
  • Cross-selling in the front office
  • Customer type identification
  • Marketing management in the loan department
  • Training on effective presentation
  • Training on product promotion in trade shows

Marketing management

  • Developing a marketing strategy for the organization
  • Brand building and brand management
  • Breaking stereotypes - decoded marketing
  • Practical Neuromarketing
  • Digital marketing

Risk management

  • Loan risk Management
  • Information security management
  • Working with accounts receivable

Feedbacks of participants

Thanks to the team for the good training, generally everything is clear, in the future we will enhance our skills, implement and put into practice what we have studied and materials provided to us, Thank you all!
Bobojonov Salimjon
Green Foods
During these three days I acquired a lot of information about the company's management methodology. Now in the future I will try to work according to this methodology
Muminov Mirzoamir
Obi Shirin
Thank you for this training. I got a lot of information in three days. Since the beginning of the year, the beginning of the season, we will have an excuse to start a new season with new recommendations. We will try to put everything into practice
Davlatov Firuz
Sughd Plastic
I am glad that I participated in your training. The first day was full of questions. Already on the second and third days we found answers to almost all of our questions
Mamajonov Mavlonjon
During this training I learned a lot, for example, I did not know that there is a product life cycle. Now I know at what stage of the life cycle our company is
Kodirov Ikbol
Somon Soft
Thank you very much to the "Top Consulting" team for organizing this "Business Diagnostics" seminar. It was very interesting. I found a lot of new things for myself, a lot of new information
Ochilov Amirkhon
Archa Mebel