Consulting services

Business Diagnostics

  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Diagnostics of the managing system
  • Analysis of financial indicators
  • Sales system analysis
  • Analysis of business processes
  • Personnel management analysis


  • Analysis of external factors
  • Industry analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analysis of business resources and capabilities
  • Developing company strategy
  • Implementation of a balanced scorecard system

Organizational structure

  • Analysis, optimization and formation of organizational structure
  • Developing a strategy of organizational improvement and development
  • Development and implementation of structural regulatory documents
  • Implementation of the organizational structure improvement system
  • Implementation of software tools for modeling organizational structure

Marketing and sales

  • Marketing and sales system audit
  • Brand development and promotion
  • Forming a Sales department from scratch
  • Developing a promotional company
  • New product development
  • Package design development
  • Marketing budget optimization
  • Outsourcing of marketing services
  • Merchandising

Business processes

  • Development and implementation of a process management system
  • Allocation, formalization and description of business processes
  • Developing a strategy for improving business processes
  • Analysis, optimization, improvement and reengineering of business processes
  • Conducting a functional-cost analysis of processes
  • Improving efficiency and optimizing the cost of business processes
  • Development and implementation of process regulatory documents

Personnel management

  • Search and recruitment (managerial and mid-level staff)
  • Analysis, optimization and formation of processes of personnel management system
  • Structuring and development of basic regulations of staff activities
  • Development of KPIs
  • Developing a competency model
  • Personnel evaluation
  • Development of the personnel motivation system

Project management

  • Implementation of a project management system
  • Assistance in the management and implementation of the company's projects
  • Implementation of project management information systems

Business planning

  • Consultation on the development of a business plan
  • Business plan development
  • Preparation of a business plan and presentation of the investment project